The story that linked me to Ferràn Adrià


Years ago, a change of consciousness gave birth to my quantum art. Art has always run in my blood, but it especially showed the mirror of my own shadow. Then I strongly felt the need to lead a more colorful life for myself and for society. Hence, quantum art was born in me. The plane takes off...

A dazzling inspiration came to me in the summer of 2020. Vacationing in Asturias and in the port of Llanes. We saw people wandering around a fishing boat unloading its overflowing nets. To my surprise, they were not fish but seaweed. I was very surprised. The next day, I saw the algae on the sand, called OCLE, while walking along the beach. Seeing the algae forming beautiful abstractions inspired me a lot, and then I took my cell phone to photograph those artistic forms that nature exhibits to the World. And I tell you, photographing wonderful abstracted seaweed is more unique than ever.

Admiring the series, the art critic Joan Lluis Montané contacted me after the publication of the photographs. One more thing, I knew that Ferran Adrià was the alchemist helping various people escape scarcity and find new uses for this natural and sustainable resource. Firmly determined, I contacted him to share such a fabulous story of synchronicities. He loved it, accepted my Ocle 5 as a gift, and we have been a team ever since. OCLE/algae quantum photographs are good vibes in my career path.

Since then, selling abstract photographic works under the name OCLE is my project as a quantum artist. I use photography, video and installations. I invite you to visit my website. You will find Ferran Andrià's photography with my work.

I feel very proud to adhere OCLE to my art. Have you ever imagined photographing algae?