I remember the day I was born


Remembering the day I was born was something so normal that I never gave it much importance and the experience remained in the "trunk of memories", until last week I participated in a course on life after death.

It was so great my surprise to see the faces of the people who were there when I told it, that now I feel the responsibility to bring it to light, in case it is useful to someone, it seems that I helped to give peace to some soul and cleared some doubts about reincarnation and other big questions ...

My memory is something I have from the very day I was born, as it can be the first day of school, or my first kiss. It is something that always stays fresh in the memory and this becomes clear because people asked me with what regression technique I had achieved it, and although I don't know those techniques. It was nothing like that.

What I find most curious about the day I was born is that I have the feeling that at that moment, I was the same one who tells you this now with 52 years, as if the years had not passed, because I do not remember myself as an ignorant and empty baby, but quite the opposite. At that time, even before I was born, I knew what life was, or rather, I knew what the feeling of living meant, much clearer and more real than I could detail now, because I had experienced it many times before.

The first thing I felt was the more than pleasant sensation of floating in a comfortable and safe darkness.

I don't know how long I was in this state... it could be hours, days or months... time didn't matter or didn't exist... because it was a perfect state.

Suddenly I began to feel the movement of labor convulsions and found myself sucked through a very narrow passage that revealed to me for the first time the sensation of having a body.

I think it was at that moment and before I came to life that I knew I was being born and that I was going to start living an earthly life.

I remember that my first emotion was great anguish because I already knew what suffering is and what it meant to have to go through all the "experiences" of life.

When I was "taken out" of my mother's body, the first sensations I remember were feeling a very unpleasant intense cold and the aggressive light of the lamp in the hospital room.

I also remember something that seems very strange but curious to me now... and that is that I could see the people who were there... several men and women with their white coats. As if I was seeing my own birth from another perspective, outside of my body.

I was so distressed that if I could have, I would have gone back to my mother and as I tried to get up in the fetal position to see if I was returning to the maternal cloister, I felt the unpleasant slap that I found so strong and offensive that it made me scream in pain... and rebellion.

Then I vaguely remember how they covered me up and put me to sleep ...